18 November 2009

Days of gluttony

by Claudia

I've wanted to make Jamie Oliver's Chicken in Milk ever since I saw it featured on The Kitchn. It looks so strange that it must be good, right?

I scaled down the recipe a bit by using 4 chicken legs. Since I'm eating by myself, a whole bird is overkill. Plus, I hate white meat, so the less of it, the better. This recipe is ridiculously easy. Brown the chicken, throw it in a pot with a few things, and go do the laundry for an hour (or... nothing, like I did). As per The Kitchn's recommendation, I left the lid on for most of the cooking time, and removed it for the last 15-20 minutes.

The lemon zest curdles the milk (this is supposed to happen), making it look pretty unappealing. This is offset by the fact that it is incredibly flavourful and easy to make. Did I mention it was easy? My only regret is that I didn't put more garlic cloves in. They were perfectly soft, and great spread on toasted bread. Mmm.

The chicken was served on a bed of Trader Joe's Harvest Grains blend (Israeli couscous, orzo, red quinoa, garbanzo beans) and baby spinach, with a little bit of goat cheese.

For dessert, my roommate Liz and I forced ("forced") ourselves to make a bread pudding to use up all the leftover ciabatta buns from Aaron's birthday party. I remembered this recipe from this season of Top Chef for a chocolate and peanut butter bread pudding.

Yeah, it's really good. Really, really good.

Other recent foods of note:

Richard made me a delicious meal yesterday to celebrate our 2nd anniversary together. Roast beef tenderloin with a wasabi garlic sauce, served on top of garlic mashed potatoes. Garlic everything! After Eight ice cream for dessert (not homemade, but still good).

Liz and I recently indulged in our love of eating weird things late at night by busting out her frozen red bean filled glutinous rice balls (AKA tong yuan) from T&T. These are normally served in a black sesame soup, which is something my parents love, but I think looks like sewer sludge. Also, it is nearly impossible to take an attractive picture of glutinous rice balls. Fact.

God help me, I am so full.


  1. Dear Claudia,

    I love you a little too much right now.

    Re Bread pudding: I am a purist and like mine with whiskey-soaked currants and whiskey-butter sauce. You don't need to know how to make whiskey-butter sauce. You melt butter and cook in whiskey.

    Re glutinous rice balls: YAOHAN on No 3. Chinese people stare at us when we buy things like frozen glutinous rice balls and three kinds of tofu. Fact. I also recommend the Que Pasa factory store on No 5 road (near the BC Ferries repair yard).

    That chicken dish -- what do you do with the curdled milk? Discard? Eat?


  2. you need to invite me over for meals more often

  3. Alex: This was my first bread pudding ever, believe it or not! I am willing to experiment with all manners of bread pudding, especially if they involve whiskey and butter.

    And, about the milk: you eeeat it! Stir to reincorporate a little, and then spoon on top of the chicken. I guess if you were really squeamish about curdled milk, you could strain it.


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