15 November 2009

Aaron's birthday

by Claudia

Last night we celebrated Aaron's 33rd birthday by stuffing our faces with ridiculously decadent foods. This is also how I celebrate most days ending in -y.

Liz became a national hero by making an incredible pulled pork with homemade BBQ sauce, and a slaw. This picture would've been better if I wasn't preoccupied with inhaling the plate.

My contribution was a Gouda, Cheddar & roasted garlic Havarti mac and cheese.

A Liz-made flourless chocolate cake ended the meal, accompanied by a hazelnut oil ice cream, recipe courtesy of Alton Brown. Putting half a cup of hazelnut oil in ice cream seems like an odd choice, but I think it made the texture even better than a traditional custard ice cream. Oh yeah, and it TASTES AMAZING.

This party also featured: Liz and Rich's pale ale homebrew, Parm's baba ghanoush, and Janos's roasted red pepper and garlic hummus.

Also, I ate this homemade blueberry fro-yo while writing this post.

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