17 October 2009

Mis Trucos

We ate at Mis Trucos for Jesse's birthday, in what looks like the living room of an old heritage house (the old Davie Village Café). The menu ranges from tapas bites starting at $1.75 to fairly priced small and larger dishes. Everything looks so good that you want to try it all, so while the prices seem quite low, you end up racking up a bill pretty quickly . . . not that it's not worth it. I had the foie gras & chicken liver mousse crostini with sweet onion jam, chorizo-stuffed squid (above) and white truffle & king crab risotto. $15 pitchers of sangria, and for dessert: a Claudia coffee cake, sliced up and served by the restaurant for a small(ish) fee.


  1. Looks so nice. I've been wanting to try that place for a while. Such a lovely space. Happy birthday Jesse!

  2. Missed you last night, Jackie! Let me know if there are any moving parties in the near future.


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