28 September 2009

Week of Salads -- Swiss Chard, Chickpeas, Garlic

A question was raised in the office last week: When is a salad not a salad, but a side dish? There are after all warm salads as well as cold salads . . . I suggested that it was perhaps a matter of ratio of vegetables to non-vegetables. But what about legumes? Are those considered vegetables or non-vegetables? And so many side dishes are potato-based. But there are potato salads too. Then I thought the answer could very well fall somewhere in the vague notion of how good for you it seems. (eg. raw, crunchy, bitter-ish things = 'good for you', hence salad; warm, carby comfort-foody things = 'not so good for you', hence side dish.) I guess in the end, the answer is, "Who cares? Let's eat!"

So I thought I'd use the Swiss Chard to try out this Epicurious recipe for Roasted Chickpeas with Garlic and Chard again, which I originally found on Julie's blog, and made with spinach back in March.

The chard tastes better -- a bit more complex -- than the spinach. The recipe says to roast the chickpeas for about 45 minutes at 400°F. I did it for about 35 minutes, which was still just a bit too long. So . . . next time half an hour-ish? 25 minutes? I reserved the garlic oil from roasting, because I know I can do something good with it, but I don't know what . . .


  1. Are those the mysterious shallots we found hiding among the ginger yesterday?

  2. Yes! We are among the privileged few shoppers who know the secret location of the shallots in the Denman Street No Frills.


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