01 September 2009

Wanoma Izakaya

In another episode of me not cooking at home, tonight I tried Wanoma, a new izakaya on Denman Street that's been open just over a week.

Gobo Chips: fried burdock root and sugar-toasted dried anchovies. The sugar was a nice touch.

Wine Pork Salad: red wine-marinated pork belly, mixed greens and lotus root chips with "special" balsamic sauce. This was ok.

Tuna Tataki: seared tuna, fresh greens, pine nut, radish and tobiko with yuzu dressing. This was the best dish . . . the yuzu is a fresh and zippy complement to the seared tuna. At the time of eating it I had no idea what that flavour was, but now Wikipedia has enlightened me.

"Waiter, there's an ampersand in my gobo chips."


  1. Too many greens in this dinner. Izakaya is all about the animal fat.

  2. I love the greens and love this little restaurant. I can tell it's a heart-and-soul effort by chef owner Shin Mee, Kim. I'm guessing she's Korean-Japanese and her menu reflects this. The seafood nabé has a lucious broth...with a single chili pepper for a nice lift. We also love the genmai yakionigiri, the miso-blessed gindara, grilled kalbee beef and their daikon wrap salad with seafood...and for lunch they have a lovely twist on the ubiquitous soba soup, served with a "cloud" of tempura, house-made pickles and an onigiri ball...such a lunch for under $9! mmmmmmmmmmmmm

  3. ...wow, all of that sounds delicious. I'll have to try some of those next time I go. I heard they don't have a liquor license... I wonder if that's still the case?

  4. They just got their liqour license last weekend! Can't wait to try everything from their delicious menu!


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