21 September 2009

TOFINO Day #2 -- Spotted Bear Bistro

Saturday -- It was a toss-up between Sobo and Spotted Bear Bistro for dinner. We liked the looks of Sobo from the liquor store across the street, but drove over to Spotted Bear to check out the menu. It looked tasty but was pretty steep, so we returned to Sobo, where we were seated and given water and menus. The food looked ok, but was only minimally less expensive, and none of us could stop thinking about the halibut with tomato fennel fondue at Spotted Bear, so we excused ourselves and drove back to the bistro, where I had one of the best meals of my life: Locally caught halibut topped with ribbons of fennel, served on a bed of olive oil crushed potatoes with tomato fennel fondue and olive tapenade.


  1. You wouldn't have gone wrong with Sobo, but this meal sounds wonderful too. I've been meaning to check out the Spotted Bear so shall wander down. I wish they'd named the restaurant something else though!

  2. Glad you're going to check it out! My work here is done.


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