05 September 2009

Spices; Duncan's Pizza

A serendipitous choice for dinner, Spices was the only place on Cambie with a table for 7 and so we pounced on it. I had iced Vietnamese coffee, and "Combo H" which included a pork brochette, spring roll, Imperial Prawn, and some kind of delicious crêpes with vermicelli. It was both incredibly good and incredibly greasy.

My esteemed dining companions.

We made it in time to Duncan's party for the last piece of homemade pizza. Even though I was so full from dinner, once I took a bite I had to eat the whole thing, it was so good.

Fine Mist knocking it back in time for the Midnight Run.


  1. YES! I made it! Best birthday present I could get.

  2. You take the best photos of me in restaurants!

    Yum, I would go there again!

  3. What a lovely favourite people mosaic.

  4. Wow, was it really that red in the restaurant? I totally didn't even notice.


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