14 September 2009

Les Faux Bourgeois

The Fillet d'Agneau Poelé -- lamb cheeks with apricot served with mint cous cous -- at Les Faux Bourgeois was a rich and lovely dish, but the velvety, complex, foie-gras-y Pâté de Campagne was without a doubt the best pâté I've ever had. French food: so rich and intense! So much going on in it.


  1. Wow this looks amazing! Where is this place?

    Have you tried Regalade in West Van? Their appetizers and deserts are far better than their mains. I love the blue cheese and pear tart; and their terrine. Deserts -- I love their cherry clafoutis; their iles flottants. It is homestyle French, a bistro atmosphere, very warm.

  2. Hmmm no but Whitecap made a book for them before my time. I can't believe there are deserts inside the restaurant... and you can eat them?! Edible deserts... there is still so much I don't know about the world!

    LFB is here: http://www.lesfauxbourgeois.com/

  3. All the deserts are on the huge farm-style front counter as you walk in. It's overwhelmingly homey and delicious-looking. The clafoutis looks like a fucking copper shield. Oh yum.

  4. P.S. Have you ever been to Le Gavroche? It's so close to my house and looks so cute from the outside, but also so expensive from the menu posted in the window...

  5. Nope I've never been to Le Gavroche! Lori likes it there, I think.

    Once I had a frisee salad with lardons at Cafe de Paris (also near your place) and it was so great. Nothing improves greens like...pork grease. Yeah!

    Also you would love Epicurean Deli (or Cafe?) near Cornwall, a few blocks away from Siegels. The best tiramisu in the city, for real. And such good thin crust pizza.


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