26 September 2009

Happy birthday to me

Happy birthday, Michelle-Meals. Yesterday was my one-year anniversary. To celebrate, instead of wowing you with a photo of last night's President's Choice frozen pizza (sorry -- I'd intended to make a bit more progress than that in a year) I will post photos that some of my readers have sent me this year.

R's attempt at making this.

M's NY strip loin pan-fried medium rare with button mushrooms and green apple horseradish; brown rice with sunflower and pumpkin seeds; steamed broccoli with black pepper and braggs all purpose soy seasoning; Naked Grape Merlot.

V's Moroccan Chicken Tagine made in the crockpot with Cilantro, Roasted Almond, and Wild Rice -- and TUXEDO CAT!

Thanks everyone! It's been a fun year of sharing random intimate details of what goes into our bellies.


  1. It's good to know that the bong goes to the left of the strip loin and not the right. I'm terrible at place settings.

  2. Happy birthday, Michelle Meals! I love you!


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