09 September 2009

Darchin Restaurant II

We ate at Darchin again tonight, my new favourite Persian restaurant on Davie Street. The service is friendly, the prices fair, and the dishes all exciting and new, since I don't really know anything about Persian food. I ordered Zereshk-polo ba morgh -- a chicken leg that jumps right off the bone and tomato purée served with berberis basmati rice -- and Meigoo Kebab (BBQ garlic tiger prawns), and we shared Mast-o-Moo-seer, a dip made of yogurt and shallots. This place makes me happy. There is something so plain and warm and unassuming about the atmosphere. And I continue to be a great fan of the faux-brick wallpaper that lines the walls . . . I could stare at it for hours.

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