28 August 2009

Salmone al Miele with Green Beans +

This recipe for salmon with a honey dill orange juice reduction glaze, and the first home-cooked meal I've made in forever, comes from Mangia with Quattro, a new release from Whitecap hitting book stores in November (for a copy of the recipe, buy the book!).

Dinner #2: Thank you, Foundation, for being right there on the walk home from the Biltmore at the moment I suddenly discovered I could not walk another step without nachos and a gomae chickpea hybird salad in my belly.


  1. Hmmm; I hadn't realized till now how pleased I was with the food selections.

    (I have the same expression now as I think about your honey dill orange juice reduction glaze.)

  2. Three friends of mine and I actually have a facebook group devoted to gathering over the nachos at The Foundation. Those are the best nachos I've found in Vancouver.


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