10 August 2009

Kitchen Scraps

Whitecap author Pierre Lamielle hosted a humorous illustrated dinner party on Sunday, featuring several dishes from his new humorous illustrated cookbook, Kitchen Scraps. Such as . . .

• Devils on Horseback -- spiced prunes wrapped in bacon

• Whirled Peas -- a minty pea soup

• Snails in the Garden -- an escargot salad

• Triple Threat Risotto -- with arugula and white wine, and made with a Parmesan CHEESE STOCK

• Aphrodite's Hot Greek Goddess Salad -- Greek salad done HOT!

• A great little cheese plate thrown together by Candace, including Valdeón, my new favourite blue cheese

• Half-Baked Pot Brownies -- delicious warm chocolate sludge with whipped cream, paired with Guinness

Thanks to our host and all his helpers!


  1. This is so nice to stumble upon! Your photos turned out great!...I'm just reading this now...4 months later!! FUN!

  2. Glad you found it! We have such fond and delicious memories of that party.


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