21 August 2009

Eggplant Jambalaya with Broccolini

I have about a billion various instant rice mixes from Trader Joe's. Today I planned to combine one with some sautéed vegetables for a quick dinner, so I headed for the green peppers in the grocery store when I remembered that someone said to me after perusing my blog, "Wow, you really like green peppers, don't you."

Actually, I'm not a particularly huge fan of them; they're just very . . . familiar. My family uses them a lot in their cooking, and they generally seem to go with everything. Anyway I decided to step away from the green peppers this time, and instead picked up an eggplant, a shallot, a jalapeño and some broccolini.

I blanched the latter in salted water, and mixed the rest, plus half a can of whole tomatoes, some garlic, salt, pepper and porcini mushroom spice, with Trader Joe's Vegetable Jambalaya. Success! This was definitely one of the better Trader Joe's-based meals I've made.

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