25 August 2009


Capers; practice; Basketball Diaries; bedtime.
• Marinated BBQ Tofu
• Morrocan Cous Cous Salad
• Beet Fennel Salad


  1. omg! beet and fennel. such a good idea for a flavour combination. i love capers takout crispy chicken. upscale kfc baby yeeeaaah.

  2. YES! We learned to make it in my class:
    . . . as I suppose you know, since you commented on that post as well. I really should make that again. It's much better than the Capers salad.

  3. My favourite thing lately is a chickpea thin bread with well-fried onions, sage and olives in it. Crespelle i think it's called. I am in love with the black olive + sage flavour combo. I think you should design a book for Whitecap that is entirely charts of flavour combos. And I should write it! Ha!

    ps. Lori is coming home tonight from a trip but I will be out (not my fault!) so I am leaving her a Japanese stew on brown rice in the fridge. Tofu (I coated it with salt and pepper and fried it brown before putting it in the stew -- like meat!), peanuts, brocolli and savoy cabbage. The sauce/broth (brauce) is red miso paste, fresh grated ginger, rice wine, chili oil, sesame oil, a tiny bit of soy sauce for darkness (but soy + miso = saltiness) and some cane sugar. So good. and so easy. I find peanuts love to be cooked in miso. It's a soybean nut roasty love thing.

  4. Mmmm, brauce. Feel free to come leave stew in my fridge anytime.


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