21 July 2009

YUKON Day #3 -- Aurora Inn, etc.

I spent Saturday feeding a hangover. My stomach was seemingly a bottomless pit.

In the evening, we dined at La Table on 5th, the Aurora Inn's Italian restaurant. It was an incredibly elegant dining experience in the midst of the mud puddles that were beginning to form around the city from a sudden downpour (which I was soaked in on my two-minute walk to the restaurant). I had the Pickerel Fillet with a pine nut crust, served with tropical fruit salsa, roasted jalapeno coulis and scallion mash potatoes. It was perfect.

An assortment of dessert followed, and enough wine to cancel out the day's hangover and make room for a new one.

We later returned to Bombay Peggy's, where I drank a Handsome Family Jewels, which tasted suspiciously yet deliciously like the previous evening's Chad Van Nail 'Em.

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