21 July 2009

YUKON Day #1 -- Air North; Chilkoot

Thursday -- It was a smooth (enough) flight over the mountain ranges of Northern BC en route to Whitehorse. I chose to ignore my usual take-off anxieties and instead focused on an article in TASTE magazine about growing your own windowsill herb garden -- a project I intend to begin upon my return to Vancouver (with thanks to Sonya for the birthday seed packets).

As a further distraction, I made this handy list of herbs that I am most excited about (in order of importance):
• basil
• dill
• cilantro
• mint
• chives

Air North serves complementary meals. I had apple juice, a ham & cheese sandwich, a bag of Krispy Kernels Axess Sunny Mix (whatever it was, it was good), and a piece of white cake. Followed by tea and then candy they gave out just before landing.

We checked in at the High Country Inn, and then headed to the hotel bar for a bottle of Chilkoot.

Whitehorse night.

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