12 July 2009

English Bay Birthday Picnic

Friday night I had a birthday-week picnic at English Bay. Because I'm working summer hours, I got off early and went a bit crazy in the kitchen, overcompensating to make up for past potlucks when I showed up with a bag of chips from the corner store. Above photos mostly by Sonya Gibson.

I baked this bread from my class again, and served it with brie. It disappeared really fast.

I made the bublanina right this time! Complete with drobenka topping (flour, sugar and butter), except it mostly melted instead of looking all crumbly like when my parents make it.

I am really proud to say it tasted just like rhubarb kolache, a family specialty, except sweeter, because I used blueberries and raspberries.

Finally, I made dark chocolate truffles flavoured with orange zest and Cointreau, and dusted with cocoa and dry-roasted pistachios. Although my limited time made it impossible to freeze them as much as I should have, they actually tasted better than the ones we made in class!

1 comment:

  1. congrats Michelle, bublanina looks almost perfect - maybe you can be more generous with the drobenka. am just eating an apple version with brown sugar and cinnamon. baking paper is a good idea.


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