25 July 2009

Beach Potluck; Cotton Candy; Phở

We had a beach potluck for Setareh's birthday. Instead of baking bread the night before as I intended, I took a three-hour nap. And so my contribution was a package of Safeway peaches & cream strudels. Lemon cupcakes were provided by Grace, Setareh brought some Iranian potato and parsley- filled "samosa-perogy things," and Mauve made a Caprese-esque salad, with heirloom tomatoes and lemon basil.

It doesn't get much finer than drinking wine from wine glasses on the beach. Happy birthday Setareh!

Later at the ballgame I ate an entire bag of cotton candy, as I basically have a deal with myself that I must do this every time cotton candy crosses my path, and we followed up a night of drinking in random pubs with Phở. At that Phở place on Cambie. A million other people had the same idea; the place was packed.

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