31 July 2009

Palak Paneer; Fireball

In time for another visit to Trader Joe's tomorrow, I polished off my supply of TJ's instant dinners, with Palak Paneer last night. It would have gone great with my TJ's Israeli Couscous, but it was not that kind of night. It was, rather, a handful-of-crackers- followed by a half-a-bag-of-random-peanuts-found-in-cupboard- kind of night. Topped off with some Fireball and mosquito repellant.

Dinner Party Party #1

Wednesday night was the inaugural Dinner Party Party, hosted by Rob.

On the menu:
• Fresh Baked Bread with Oil and Vinegar
• Sea Shepherd's Pie

• Spinach/Strawberry Side Salad

• Apple/Rhubarb Crumble with Ice Cream

• White wine, followed by red wine, followed by random drinks concocted from Rob's multitudinous collection of liquor

29 July 2009

Pork Buns; Doña Cata

Fuel for the game: pork buns from New Town Bakery. Post-game: pitchers of sangria and one lone and delicious vegetarian taco at Doña Cata. Taco photo by Gerald Deo.

27 July 2009

Cherry Tomatoes; Fruity Pebbles +

Afterwork heat wave: bed, fan, Peanut, water, cherry tomatoes and two episodes of True Blood.

Dinner: leftovers.

Dessert: chocolate frozen yogurt with Fruity Pebbles from that place that starts with a Q on Denman.

26 July 2009

Mexican Chicken & Black Bean Casserole

This afternoon was a mix of several loads of laundry, several episodes of True Blood, and the making of this Mexican Chicken & Black Bean Casserole.

I didn't have enough chicken, so I added some tofu. Which made it slightly less good than usual.

25 July 2009


Following an afternoon at Third Beach, in the midst of an onslaught of suburban tourists into English Bay, we ate at Fatburger, the only place on Denman where we could find a table.

I had the Ultimate Mushroom Swiss Burger, which tasted very mushroomy but not very Swissy.

Beach Potluck; Cotton Candy; Phở

We had a beach potluck for Setareh's birthday. Instead of baking bread the night before as I intended, I took a three-hour nap. And so my contribution was a package of Safeway peaches & cream strudels. Lemon cupcakes were provided by Grace, Setareh brought some Iranian potato and parsley- filled "samosa-perogy things," and Mauve made a Caprese-esque salad, with heirloom tomatoes and lemon basil.

It doesn't get much finer than drinking wine from wine glasses on the beach. Happy birthday Setareh!

Later at the ballgame I ate an entire bag of cotton candy, as I basically have a deal with myself that I must do this every time cotton candy crosses my path, and we followed up a night of drinking in random pubs with Phở. At that Phở place on Cambie. A million other people had the same idea; the place was packed.

23 July 2009

Leftover lasagne

Leftover lasagna from Olympia.

Main Street Market; CiTR BBQ

After work on Wednesday, we checked out the Main Street Farmer's Market (in front of the bus terminal), where I picked up some cherry tomatoes, lemon basil and naturally raised pork from Gelderman Farms.

Later at the CiTR BBQ, I made this Greek salad. (Green pepper- chopping courtesy of Gary.)

I ate half a chili cheese dog, a bite of someone else's pork cooked on a giant salt tablet, a s'more and some Baked Alaska.

Sadly, I forgot about my own pork chops and left them in the freezer.

22 July 2009

Greek, Olympic-style.

To be honest, I kind of ate some of the above as a midnight snack just so I'd have a photo to put on here that wasn't taken on my cellphone. But anyway, it was a day filled with Greek salad, followed by a visit to Olympia, the Greek restaurant on Denman Street whose Olympic rings- sign recently inflamed the International Olympic Committee, where I ate OLYMPIC calamari and lasagne. It was ok.

21 July 2009

YUKON Day #5 -- Salad, Brie & CARIBOU STEW

Monday -- On the roadtrip back to Whitehorse, I made an attempt to get some vegetables in me following the weekend's assortment of burgers and meats.

We returned to the Carmacks campground, where it was really hard to resist their delicious burgers, but I somehow managed.

Back in Whitehorse however, I went ahead and indulged for one last epic Yukon meal: another salad, baked brie with sun-dried tomatoes, and Caribou Stew at the Klondike Rib & Salmon.

This territory really is a meat eater's wonderland.

YUKON Day #4 -- No Toe; Klondike Kate's

Sunday -- Ahem. This was not on the menu. (Not for me, at least.)

I am proud to say I did NOT become a member of the Sourtoe Cocktail Club this weekend.

Tempting as it was.

I did however have a pretty great salmon teriyaki burger and some pints at Klondike Kate's, where I finally got around to going for drinks with a friend 12 years after we met.

. . . more drinks . . .

Festival fries for a midnight snack.

YUKON Day #3 -- Aurora Inn, etc.

I spent Saturday feeding a hangover. My stomach was seemingly a bottomless pit.

In the evening, we dined at La Table on 5th, the Aurora Inn's Italian restaurant. It was an incredibly elegant dining experience in the midst of the mud puddles that were beginning to form around the city from a sudden downpour (which I was soaked in on my two-minute walk to the restaurant). I had the Pickerel Fillet with a pine nut crust, served with tropical fruit salsa, roasted jalapeno coulis and scallion mash potatoes. It was perfect.

An assortment of dessert followed, and enough wine to cancel out the day's hangover and make room for a new one.

We later returned to Bombay Peggy's, where I drank a Handsome Family Jewels, which tasted suspiciously yet deliciously like the previous evening's Chad Van Nail 'Em.

YUKON Day #2 -- Driving and Dining;
Drunken Goat; Bombay Peggy's


Friday night we were treated to Greek at the Drunken Goat, where we had the privilege of dining with Canada-is-a-Big-Place bloggers Victoria and Carolyne. The girls stopped in Dawson to catch some of the festival on their 8-week cross-country odyssey blogging for the Canadian Tourism Commission.

A motley assortment of every kind of alcohol followed on a tour of the local hot spots, most notably a Chad Van Nail 'Em at Bombay Peggy's, a former brothel where every year they offer a special menu of martinis named after the festival performers.
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