27 June 2009

Trader Joe's Roast Beef Hash

As I was browning this ready-made Roast Beef Hash in the skillet, I began to have my doubts about Trader Joe's . . . it looked and smelled pretty gross. But the end product was fairly tasty. I followed the example on the packaging and fried an egg to go with it. I'd probably buy this again, if only to have as one of those last-minute-no-groceries-no-time-NOT-SIDEKICKS meals.

Later: Delicous chocolate-caramel cheese-Parmida-birthday-cake by Claudia!


  1. If only you were 5 minutes earlier to see the beautifully Liz-decorated cake! Also, those are California strawberries. Sorry, Grace.

  2. I bought the RoastBeef hash this past week. It was very good but what i really liked was that it was lite. Very moderate fat content. Not so overly greasy/fat like what i had before. I recommend it with eggs and crunchy/crisp toast. :) :james

  3. It "looked and smelled pretty gross"...are you kidding? Trader Joe's Roast Beef Hash is wonderful stuff. I make breakfast for my niece every day and take her to school, and we have this and eggs once a week at least. It's our favorite breakfast.

    Not only is it delicious, but compare it to the corned beef hash you see in cans everywhere. It has a fraction of the calories and an even smaller fraction of the fat. But it's not a "lite" product and doesn't taste like one. It just isn't filled full of the fat and other crap that gets put into the canned stuff. Once again, a quality product at a great price from Trader Joe's!

  4. Yep liked I said it TASTED good, just smelled weird. Then again I never eat corned beef hash so have no idea what it's supposed to smell like. Glad to hear it's healthy. Another point for Trader Joe's.

  5. Well all gone now. Going to miss you. But it was so so Good!

    Any idea were we can find it now?


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