10 June 2009

Pizzettes, featuring Lobster Mushrooms

I took another workless-Wednesday vacation. And I made pizzettes! Topped with basil leaves, roasted eggplant, Swiss Gruyère and Mozzarella and lobster mushrooms, which I bought, dried, from the Trout Lake Farmer's Market last weekend. They were the mushroom lady's personal recommendation. They are technically not even a mushroom! They are like, the mushrooms that grow on mushrooms. The mushroom's mushroom. When I opened the bag they simply smelled like rotting fish. Happily, that is not how they tasted. Once hydrated and sautéed, they played an excellent supporting role on the pizzettes.

So, that was my lunchtime. For dinner I ate beef yakiudon and yam tempura at Kishu on Seymour, where 7pm is happy hour (40% off!).

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