22 June 2009

Lemon Tarts; Fish Stew II

You know you're becoming obsessed with food when the waving arms of a sea of dub-stepping ravers reminds you of strands of gluten forming in dough. Maybe I was subliminally readying myself for today's pastry dough . . .

It was a wordless morning with Akron/Family on the iTunes and Lemon Tarts coming to life at my fingertips. A two-hour process yeilded just 12 mini-tarts, plus extra lemon curd and much leftover dough to hopefully be turned into a Tarte Tatin later on in the week.

I still had most of the ingredients from yesterday and so I made another batch of Mediterranean Fish Stew. The spicing improved, but I overdid it on the fennel and fennel seeds. Today's seafood -- halibut, salmon and scallops -- cost nearly $30. I kind of went all out on the fish, but I'm still experimenting. Over $11 for 3 big scallops, and I ended up overcooking them into little bite-sized pieces of rubber. It's all part of the learning process. There was a big sale on frozen prawns and salmon, so next time I make this it will be a lot cheaper.

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