10 June 2009

Falafel King; the choreography of kneading

I ate my dinner on the bus. It was a lamb wrap. From Falafel King on Denman. It's the best place in the West End for dinner when you have absolutely no time for dinner.

Around midnight I made pizza dough in prep for tomorrow. Learning how to knead dough is like learning to dance. You develop your own personal choreography that works naturally with your body. You can take into account the steps as they have been outlined for you, but when it all comes down, the less thought you put into it, probably, the better. You just kind of feel your way through it, and eventually a style of movement emerges.


  1. Falafel King is my favourite.

    And, my favourite advice about dancing: "Unlock your hips!"

  2. Exactly! I like your philosophy. The less dough I need the more of it I have, and without thinking I feel better about what I'm not thinking about. Dancing with life,


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