15 June 2009

Cooking Class #5

Italian adventures continued in my cooking class as tonight we ventured into spaghettini and sauces. Making a good tomato sauce is so much simpler than I ever would have guessed. You can taste the simplicity, and simplicity tastes delicious.

We then used the leftover tomato sauce as a base for Mediterranean Fish Stew, one of my favourite dishes so far. The mirepoix features red onion, shallots and fennel, there's some vermouth going on in there, and salmon, black cod and prawns. !!!

The dishes this week were fairly easy. . . . except for the lemon curd custard tart. This was a bit complicated for just one tart. I might try to make some mini tarts with this recipe, though. But it will likely take me an entire day.


  1. Would LOVE the recipe for the Mediterranean Fish Stew!! Looks absolutely divine

  2. Pernod also works in stew like that. Tastes like anise/fennel. It's amazing to deglaze a pan when frying scallops, and then just melt in some butter. Lori drinks it straight. That is too sophisticated/gross for me.

    How do you make a good tomato sauce? What's the simple secret?

  3. I'll email you both about it! Don't let me forget!


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