23 June 2009

Best Mojito Ever; Cooking Class #6

On this day I had the best mojito ever, made by Grace.

Here we see her muddling the mint and sugar.

Also served Chez Grace were local strawberries and ice cream, and empanadas stuffed with pork and pine nuts. I suppose it is kind of weird, when someone has you over to eat, to document it all like this, but I think my friends are used to it by now.

Then I walked around the corner to my cooking class.

The menu for Class #6
Assorted Crostinis
Seared Scallops with Green Curry Sauce
Daikon-Apple-Ginger Slaw
Pan Seared Duck Breast with Orange Salad
Coconut Thai Rice
Tart Tatin

We started out the class assembling crostinis. After a long day of work following just 4 hours of sleep, I was exhausted and not feeling very creative; you could tell by looking at the crostinis I threw together. Kathy's were quite inspiring so I photographed hers instead.

Choreographing (I use that word a lot, I know) last night's entrées was fairly complicated, which was discouraging until I tasted them, and understood that the effort really pays off.

I couldn't decide which I liked better: the duck breast, or the scallops. Both were pretty wonderful. Looking forward to trying these at home soon . . . Homework is expensive.

For dessert, Tarte Tatin!

At home I sat in bed trying to stay awake through S05 E01 of The Wire, snacking on mini lemon tarts. All in all, it was an exceptionally great day in food.

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