26 May 2009

Sasquatch Day 1: Wildburgers at the Corral Cafe

Friday May 22 -- Unquestionably one of the best parts of Sasquatch takes place not at the festival itself but offsite at the Wildhorse Campground: it is the eating of a Wildburger at the Corral Cafe. The cafe's fare is essentially gourmet BBQ. Upon arrival at sundown, we made it our reward for getting the tents set up to dine on Wildburgers, Pinot Noir and Not-So-Short Strawberry Shortcake. We set those tents up fast. Claudia Li photos.

Trader Joe's Highlights
• Chocolate Bing Cherries
• Totally Tropical Trail Tucker (Dried Mango, Pomelo, Ginger & Hibiscus Flowers)
• Freeze-Dried Rambutan
• Caretaker Pinot Noir

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