17 May 2009

Chicken Stock and Gypsy Soup

Tonight I recreated the chicken stock and Gyspy Soup that we made in class last week. To expand on the stock equation I mentioned here, I added cold water to a pot with a couple chicken legs, stirred in the mirepoix and bouquet garni, and simmered, periodically skimmed the froth that rose to the top and then strained. I was going to go into a long and metaphorical explanation of the above terms, but it's getting late so I'll just let Wikipedia links do the work for me. But basically, mirepoix is the mix of vegetables that form the base of a soup, and bouquet garni is the blend of herbs and spices used to accent the flavour.

The Gypsy Soup combines the chicken stock with another mirepoix, supporting mirepoix and bouquet garni, and shredded pieces of the chicken that was used to make the stock.

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