18 May 2009

Bastardized Gypsy Soup

After yesterday's Gypsy Soup, I had most of the leftover ingredients for making . . . Gypsy Soup. I went ahead and made some non-homemade chicken broth, using the Pollo Asado seasoning I picked up in the little Mexican town in Washington on our trip to the Sasquatch music festival last year (which I am headed to once again this Friday!). I'm not even sure if that seasoning is supposed to be used to make chicken broth, but it has the word pollo in it so it will do. Stock made this way definitely has a harsher taste than from scratch, but all is forgiven once the vegetables and other seasonings begin to pile in. A half-homemade soup is still better than anything you will get from a can. The soup was missing carrots, celery and tomatoes, but it had the exciting new addition of a pinch of cumin seeds, which really enhanced the flavour and, I think, rounded out the edges of the Pollo Asado seasoning.

Also worth mentioning: the exceptional cheeseburger and fries at the race track today in the exceptional company of Kay Cee and Meesoo.

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