28 May 2009

So.Cial; Mac & Cheese; Salmon Rillettes

Afterwork drinks and bites with the Whitecapettes at So.Cial: a Fushia and a Dewberry martini, Housemade Potato Gnocchi with goat cheese & lemon browned butter, and Caribou Carpaccio with organic honey & horseradish dressing.

Devoted student that I am, I left early to come home and do my cooking homework. I recreated the Mac & Cheese and the Salmon Rillettes from this week's class. I couldn't find actual macaroni, so I used rigatoni. The Mac & Cheese recipe called for beer but I used Chardonnay, because I had it on hand and was using it in the rillettes as well. It was quite good despite my instructor's recommendation against it. (For cooking with white wine, he recommends vermouth.) Also in the Mac & Cheese: old cheddar, garlic, onion, red pepper, celery, rosé salami, paprika and cayenne pepper. The Salmon Rilettes were topped with a layer of guacamole and a layer of horseradish sour cream. I served it with President's Choice Swedish Whole Wheat Crisp Toasts, ie. rock-hard bread. I'd suggest using fresh bread instead.

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