06 April 2009

Ottawa, Day Three

Sunday April 5 -- At the ByWard Market you can find Obama cookies, which are, naturally, shaped like maple leaves and say 'Canada' on them. You can also buy Obama's keychain there, and any other thing that was purchased or even looked at by Obama on his recent visit to Ottawa. Anyway we skipped the cookies and went for some beavertails.

Lunch at the Empire Grill with minutes to spare before running for my bus. I had the breakfast salad, a fascinating mix of flavours that included spinach, fennel, sausage, smoked bacon, herbed goat cheese, tomatoes and poached eggs.

A day-long bus ride included these lovely bus snacks, accompanied by as much of The Wire as I could get before my computer battery died.

I wandered around Toronto during a two-hour layover, and ended up dining at Chipotle Mexican Grill, whose motto, according to the receipt, is "Ingest No Evil." I had Star Ruby Grapefruit Grown Up Soda, one taco barbacoa and two tacos carnitas. The tacos carnitas tasted mildly evil.

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