09 April 2009

Michelle Meringue; Kilt & Clover; The Merch

Yesterday we made soupees. Also known as meringues. Also known as the things I failed miserably at making a little while back. So I guess (one of the things that) it really comes down to with meringues is having the right equipment. Don't try to make these in a blender. Here is a recipe transcribed by my mom:


4 egg whites
½ tsp. cream of tartar
1 Cup Sugar (8 oz.)
1 Tsp. Vanilla Essence

Preheat oven to 200-250° (Depending on how hot your oven works, read the following. IF oven tends to run hot; heat oven at 200° and bake for 1.5 hours. IF oven tends to run regular; heat oven at 250° bake for 1 hour).

Beat egg whites with cream of tartar until quite frothy. (looks slightly stiff)

Gradually add 1 cup of very fine sugar a tablespoon at a time. (This sugar may be found in the groceries) or use castor sugar. If neither can be found use granulated sugar put into blender at high speed and grind until fine).

Gradually drop in 1 tsp. Vanilla Essence while beating.

Beat until stiff peaks form.

Drop by large spoonfuls onto cookie sheets lined with brown paper or waxed paper.

Once baking time complete, turn off oven. Open oven door ajar and let the Soupees sit in oven until cool and at room temperature.

Store carefully in air tight container. (Fragile -break easily)

Later I had dinner with my dad at Kilt & Clover in Port Dalhousie, where all the waiters wear kilts: mussels and potato skins (appetizers are two-for-one on Thursdays). Later: a blueberry wheat ale at the Merchant Ale House with Nadine.

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