02 March 2009

Salmon and carrots

Since I cooked two whole fillets of fish yesterday just for myself, and ate less than half of each, there was plenty of leftover salmon to be had this evening. Also, I started chipping away at the giant bag of baby carrots in my fridge. I always buy these bags of baby carrots and then forget about them. Truthfully, carrots are one of my least favourite vegetables, except in stew-form. I guess they just seem kind of soulless. Like you're eating the cold bark of a dead, orange tree. But what better to serve in a little colander with carrot-shaped holes? Blue cheese dip also helps.

1 comment:

  1. I totally agree about the soulessness of carrots! they are absolutely my least-favourite yet most-bought vegetable. For some reason I always feel like I should buy them and, as a result, they are the most likely vegetable for me to have in my house at all times, despite my dislike of them. I also for some reason include them in all sorts of recipes, all the time. They really are only good in a stew.


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