30 March 2009

Leftovers; english muffin; wake-up snack

Leftover pasta, and an english muffin with butter and blueberry- grape jam. And a nap. And an apple to wake up. In my quest to perfect the art of the 20-minute nap, I have uncovered three keys to cat-napping success -- one of which is the wake-up snack. Eating immediately on waking puts a spike in your blood sugar level and snaps your head out of the clouds and back down to Earth. Generally, at the most concentrated sugariness, chocolate or candied ginger or candied anything would be my wake-up snack of choice; but I have this giant bag of apples so I have to make use of it. The other two important factors: having an alarm clock with one of those 20-minute nap buttons, obviously, and having somewhere that you need to be shortly after the nap.

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