14 March 2009

Ferry Food; Mini-Carton of Chocolate Milk

Wednesday March 11 -- I had dinner on the last ferry to Victoria. A hot dog, a coffee and a chocolate milk. For some reason those mini-cartons of chocolate milk seem to be reserved for special occasions, when I am lunching or dining somewhere I wouldn't normally be (such as a ferry to Victoria in the middle of the week; in elementary school they often figured on field trips and special play days). They are a mini-extravagance I would never think to buy on an ordinary day (nor would I even notice their existence if they happen to be at the gas station when I stop for a muffin on the way to work) but whenever I am somewhere unexpected they seem to pop up as something both familiar and extraordinary. Generally the mini-carton of chocolate milk is a signifier to me that something special is taking place, and when it appears at such moments I reach for it automatically.

Midnight snack: a pillow chocolate at the Fairholme Manor!

1 comment:

  1. Hmmm, a glimpse into the inner mind of Michelle; I like it. I want more, more, more!


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