08 March 2009

Braised Beef in Black Currant Cassis

I'm taking a month off drinking, but I had this stewing beef from Save-On Meats in the freezer and I've been dying for a second go at the red wine- braised beef. It couldn't wait until April, so I Googled red wine alternatives and found this handy list of alcohol substitutions in cooking -- from Amaretto to Vodka. Under red wine it lists the following: red grape juice, cranberry juice, chicken broth, beef broth, vegetable broth, clam juice, fruit juices, flavored vinegar. I once used R.W. Knudsen Family Organic Black Currant Cassis (available at Capers) as a substitution for red wine in a photo shoot -- which not only looked like red wine but also tasted delicious -- so I thought it would be the perfect substitute. And, I was right. I used 2 cups of the juice, and not only can you not tell the difference, it tasted even better this time, because I used less liquid and let it simmer and reduce for three hours into a thicker, heartier sauce. Best. Meal. Ever. For dessert: a mini cinnamon bun (or three).


  1. Congratulations on the Best. Meal. Ever! Looks good enough to eat. ;) + thanks; now I know what to suggest to my Grandma as a wine alternative: "blackcurrants are used in cooking because their astringent nature brings out flavor in many sauces, meat dishes and desserts" [wikipedia]. Hmm maybe she uses this already....

  2. Does it really count as imbibing alcohol if you're cooking with it? Most or all of the alcohol cooks off. You're never going to get a buzz from eating meats marinated in red wine.


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