26 February 2009

Mexican Potluck

Mexican-y Potluck tonight. I had some terrible President's Choice green tomato salsa so I mixed in chopped up tomatoes and black olives and sour cream and made it a lot better. Also: leftover Oscars party cheeses, veggie fajitas and overblended Indian spinach guacamole with tortilla chips. All of this painstakingly photographed, but my card malfunctioned and everything was erased.

Edit: photos restored.

A note on the guacamole: The spinach gives it that fluorescent green hue. But next time I would blend the spinach on its own, and then mash in the avocados by hand, because I like guacamole to be chunky, not like soup. Also, I would leave out the garam masala altogether. I'm not so sure that Indian-Mexican fusion is a good idea. Next time I'd stick more along these lines (plus garlic of course).


  1. You're being generous. By potluck, you must mean "Michelle and Aaron cooking for the rest of us lazy asses"

  2. Hmm, I think you're right about the garam masala not playing nice in this dip. At first I just thought I'd added too much black pepper....


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