14 February 2009

Lobster heeeeeead

My dinner at the Boathouse was mildly psychologically damaging. I've had lobster tail in the past, but I guess that I've never eaten a whole, freshly killed lobster before, and now I know why. The insides of a lobster head are disturbing, I mean, it is what you would expect, and why would you think it would be otherwise. And if you can bring yourself to eat this part -- and are you supposed to? -- it does not even taste good anyway. The next few hours were filled with disturbing grey matter flashbacks.

Otherwise, the grilled asparagus with oven-dried tomatoes, crumbled goat cheese, mini croutons and Okanagan apple cider vinaigrette was really, really delicious. The mocha ice cream pie with chocolate ganache sauce and maple almonds was ok.

1 comment:

  1. google "how to eat lobster" and "what not to eat in lobster" for hints. Just ignore everything but tail and claws. The green stuff may even be dangerous.


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