28 February 2009

Kale & Avocado Salad II

Last night I made the kale and avocado salad again. It was really good this time. It was made of one bunch of kale, finely chopped (stalks removed first), about 3 Tbsp olive oil, Himalayan pink salt, two avocadoes, chopped sun-dried and grape tomatoes, chopped green onions (use the white ends), chick peas (rinsed), red pepper flakes and the juice of half a lemon. Part of what makes this salad so good is the way you make it. You massage the oil and salt into the kale to soften it. I was generous with the salt this time, and I spent quite a while on this step (ie. about five minutes). Then you add the avocado and massage it again, making sure the kale is coated with it, while leaving a few chunks here and there. Then you mix in the rest of the ingredients. The massaging part is quite messy, but it's worth it. This salad is so filling, and it's so good for you, especially after a day spent eating Timbits and mini meringues and fudge.

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