07 February 2009

Gorilla Food

Michelle-Meals and SonyaMeals unite to bring you: a day at Gorilla Food, a raw vegan restaurant. Featuring . . .

Maui Waui Pizza -- A sun-dried tomato and fresh tomato herb sauce topped with a mix of tenderized kale and seasonal greens then topped with fresh pineapple bits and a crumbly walnut “cheez”.

Guacamole and Crackers -- Creamy avocado goo served with house-dehydrated Sunny Ginger Nori crackers.

Water Wisdom Salad -- Three varieties of seaweed, tenderized kale leaves and tossed veggies marinated in a sweet apple ginger sesame dressing with sesame seeds and hazelnuts.

For dessert: a delicious cacao coconut mousse pie, which I devoured, despite already being completely stuffed. I have heard people talk about how a raw food diet leaves you feeling full after eating relatively little food, but never have I felt this full . . . so full from lunch that I didn't even need to eat dinner tonight!

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