27 January 2009

Week of Grapefruit & Avocado

I had one grapefruit and one avocado left. If I'd felt adventurous I would have tried them with salmon or in a different salad, but I didn't feel like thinking and besides I still had some Tofu Parmesan leftovers, so that's what went into my belly, along with more Grapefruit-Avocado-Mint Salad. This time I made it with Marqués de Valdueza olive oil, a Christmas present from my boss, winner of awards, and described by their website as "Extra virgin olive oil, fruity, bouquet of apples, fresh grass and almonds, touches of dried fruit; slightly tart and a hint of spice."

For dessert, Chocolate Crush Pocky (the best of the Pockys yet) and delicious, delicious Candied Grapefruit Peel.

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