24 January 2009

Rice Pilaf with Feta and Dill

In a fit of procrastination one day, I accidentally subscribed to Real Simple magazine. My intention was to cancel after my first free issue, but when the second issue popped through my mail slot I realized I'd forgotten. Then I came across the article "18 Easy Upgrades for Your Favorite Convenience Foods," which describes how to make a fancy-ish dinner out of a simple frozen pizza, can of chicken soup or box of Rice-a-Roni, and I knew I'd found a magazine after my own heart. Of course, the article is also online, which means I still didn't need to throw away my money on a magazine.

Tonight's dinner was based on one of the rice pilaf upgrades, which consists of adding crumbled feta and fresh dill. I also added diced tomatoes, because without them it basically was not very good. Now, when choosing a rice pilaf . . . you may get greedy and want to buy the 4-rice blend, which is what I did, but remember that different rices require different cooking times, and makers of rice pilafs, even the President's Choice varieties, don't necessarily take that into account.

Anyway. Also on tonight's menu was the following: a Delaney's latté, a banana parfait martini and three courses at Checkers: escargot, crab cakes and chocolate ice cream with chocolate syrup and edible oil product. I ate . . . a lot. Which I may regret at tomorrow's Tomahawk Restaurant brunch . . .

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