21 January 2009

Pacific Northwest Tour, Night 3: Kennedy School; Ground Kontrol; Voodoo Doughnuts

Sunday night: The Kennedy School is a series of pubs, restaurants, hotel rooms and a theatre that occupy space in the former classrooms of an old public school that closed its doors in 1975 after over six decades of educating tomorrow's leaders. The hallways are overflowing with artwork inspired by the stories of the children who wandered them in their formative years.

Some of the pubs include Honours, Detention, and the Boiler Room, a multi-level establishment that is elaborately decorated with old boiler room artifacts. The stairs are decked out in old radiator parts and an assortment of pipes and tubing line the railings. A description in words doesn't really do it justice and my camera lens wasn't wide enough to fully capture its essence -- it's a room that must be experienced.

While we waited for a table for twelve (they give you a pager so you can wander the school halls and pubs, drink in hand), we had delicious Warm Breadsticks and the house Pinot Noir in the Cypress Room. Then we dined in the Courtyard Restaurant. I had the Hazelnut-Crusted Salmon with cranberry butter, rice pilaf and roasted zucchini.

Following a mini-bottle of wine at Ground Kontrol where I got the #7 high score in Q-bert, we made a stop at Voodoo Doughnuts and ordered two dozen doughnuts, and we all basically took a bite out of each one. Some of the favourites included the Maple-Bacon, the Tangfastic and the Oreo "Dirt Doughnut."

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