20 January 2009

Pacific Northwest Tour, Night 2:
Rogue Distillery & Public House

Saturday night. We ate at the Rogue Distillery & Public House, situated at 1339 NW Flanders Street in Portland. The Black Bean and Quinoa Salad was delicious. Our table was a surf board. Our waiter was a charming moustachioed gentleman who allowed me to taste several of the beers before ordering. There were so many different flavours and they were all so fresh and smooth. My favourites were the American Amber Ale and the Honey Orange Wheat Ale.

Of Special Note: This was the occasion of Claudia's First Pint. It was the Hazelnut Ale. (It tasted like a latté.) To commemorate this special event, Aaron drew Claudia's picture, and I later procured a pint glass as a gift for her from Claudia's Sports Pub & Grill. OK, that's all for tonight. I'll do some more catching up tomorrow.

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