21 January 2009

Pacific Northwest Tour, The End:
Taco Bell; Villa Pizza; Trader Joe's

Monday's nourishment for the ride home began at a roadside Taco Bell: Dr Pepper, a crunchy taco and Nachos Supreme. Later there was some fine dining at the outlet mall just outside of Seattle: a super-dry thin crust pepperoni slice from Villa Pizza and an apple juice.

I had $33.80 left in American funds, and we stopped just before the border at Trader Joe's where I spent all but one penny of it on cheap organic groceries, including savory thins, double creme brie, pumpkin butter, salsa verde, peanut satay sauce, sardines, anchovy fillets, sesame soy ginger vinaigrette, pumpkin spice granola, dried ginger chips, pistachio nutmeats, macadamia-ginger-cranberry-almond trek mix . . . the near future is delicious.

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