06 January 2009

Mafalda Corta with Vodka Sauce, Zucchini
& Meatballs

Well, I've been cooking a fair amount lately, which is great, but I've also been spending a fair bit of money doing it. I'm going to try to coast for a little while on whatever I already have in my cupboards instead of trying new recipes and running out to buy a tonne of new ingredients. My kitchen adventures have also been taking up a lot of my time. Between cooking and the David Lynchfest, my holiday plans to "spring clean" my apartment easily disintegrated. And now, back on work nights, there are only so many hours in which to rest/get stuff done. Specifically: five. Five golden hours of leisure. And I already napped two of those away. So tonight the plan was to make something fast and use up some leftover ingredients.

I have a freezer full of frozen meatballs leftover from last week, and some zucchini remains, so I threw these in with a Vodka Rosée sauce on Mafalda Corta (ie. pasta). I was worried about mixing these flavours, but it turned out really, really good. Also on the menu: the rest of the chickpea salad and some fairly ridiculous Pocky Dessert.

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