14 January 2009

Leftovers; serenity

I have miraculously been finding time to read -- Who Will Run the Frog Hospital? by Lorrie Moore -- and get in some cat naps, likely because of all the leftovers in the past couple of days. So for the first time since the holidays I'm feeling well rested. Just look at the serenity in this picture -- can't you just see it there, amid the pointy jutting chicken bones? Tonight was the last of the wings and roasted veggies. I also ummm, ate several handfuls of flaked coconut, another remnant of the weekend shoot. And some Pocky, which keeps mysteriously materializing in my apartment.


  1. Delicious. Rob loves Lorrie Moore right now. He is reading Birds of America. He says he would like to talk about her books with you sometime soon.

  2. Tell Rob I recommend Self Help, it's my favourite of hers so far.


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