12 January 2009

Chicken Marinade; Week of Roasting

I made the last of the chicken wings that were in the freezer, and I tried this marinade again, this time mincing rather than chopping the garlic and ginger (finely grating it first actually, because I have a terrible knife). I mixed this with soy sauce, and added just a little sesame oil. Broiled for 20 minutes, turning and basting twice. It was better this time around, but still not enough ginger. Not enough to make you say, "Oh! There's ginger in there." That's the result I'm going for. It could probably use even less sesame oil. And... less chicken skin. From now on I will just pay extra for skinless chicken.

I served this with the leftover vegetable tian, and also some more roasted vegetables that I prepared yesterday from the leftover produce (carrots, green peppers and corn). It has been a week of roasting, trying out different vegetables to see how they taste (so far, all good -- well, corn is just OK). It dawned on me that if caramelized vegetables are good, then caramelized fruit must be delicious.

I've had this can of Del Monte fruit salad for so long it has become part of the family (pictured here being snuggled by Peanut). It has even moved apartments with me. I am pretty sure it was purchased around Christmas 2004, when my mom and sister were visiting for the holidays. Four years ago. I've considered throwing it away several times but could never bring myself to do so. And so today I decided to make it part of a roasting experiment.

I lined the bottom of an ovensafe dish with the fruit and some of its juice, sprinkled it with sugar and put it in the oven at 450°F. After ten minutes, I checked on it and it was a bubbling, soupy mess. I drained all the juice, resprinkled with sugar and turned the oven to broil. Minutes later my apartment began to smell like burnt caramel, so I figured I was on the right track. I kept it in for another ten minutes, until I was satisfied with the char forming on the tips of the fruit. Result: the delicious hypothesis was correct. I served it on So Good Creamy Vanilla soy "ice cream".


  1. michelle...4 year old fruit can really be eaten? I like your experiment then.


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