25 December 2008

A Vancouver Christmas: Vietnamese Salad Rolls

So, my Christmas dinner was Vietnamese salad rolls at the Tinseltown food court. Followed by the newest addition to the holiday movie roster, Four Christmases. And, it's over! Christmas is done. Yay.

One of the photographers I work with gave me this India Pantry in a Box from South China Seas Trading Co for Christmas, which I'm pretty excited about; we put out two Indian cookbooks this past year, which were delicious to photograph, but which I was not likely to be cooking from because of all the spices required... But now I have them all at my disposal! Unfortunately I don't have the books at home with me over the holidays, but I do have this old Whitecap book Indian Essence, by Atul Kochhar. I'll see what I can come up with in the next few days.

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