06 November 2008

Two Chefs and a Table

I finally made good on longstanding plans with some coworkers to check out the fairly new Two Chefs and a Table, which I stumbled across a couple months ago in the middle of industrial Gastown. The place is tiny, with hard wood, white painted brick and floor to ceiling windows, and a handful of tables in one cozy open space that basically shares the same room as the kitchen.

We started out with the fondue, followed by the sablefish entrée with olives and roasted cherry tomatoes, and a glass of Sangiovese. The sablefish was excellent. For dessert: fresh pastry with apples and chocolate gelato with bananas and sour cherries. Small portions overall; smaller still since we did a lot of sharing. But again, that sablefish... so good.

Check out the Martiniboys review here.

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