08 October 2008


Vincent's response to the photo of my first bread attempt:

9:21 OMG
9:22 what's the problem ?
too less oven
is it good ?
9:23 and, just one stuff :
put your bread on a plate
because he haven't got any place for grow up

So, tonight was attempt number two. This time I baked it on a tray, put the dough in the oven at 450°, then turned it down to 250 and baked half an hour. The result: crust! Not much, but it's there. It tastes like a big, fat baguette.

I wasn't that hungry, but also made some pasta and sauce, to have something to take for lunch tomorrow. I roasted red peppers, tomatoes and spinach and threw some chopped up chorizo into tomato sauce on pantacce.

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